Spanish 1 Facebook Profile Project

This Spanish 1 Facebook Profile Project activity & project also includes:

It's social media in the Spanish classroom! Invite your language learners to make their own Facebook profile pages. The resource includes detailed instructions and supporting materials.

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Instructional Ideas

  • After checking the rough draft, invite learners to insert original sentences into the projects in addition to the required material
  • When complete, hold a gallery walk and allow class members to comment on each other's walls with sticky notes
Classroom Considerations

  • The assignment page does include details specific to a particular teacher's class; you may wish to alter the point values
  • The content required doesn't feel fully authentic for a Facebook page; however, this is for a Spanish I class, and the material matches the content and ability level...

  • The project description pages also include brainstorming and preparation pages to get pupils started with writing statuses and profiles that meet all of the requirements
  • Comes with a detailed rubric
  • Provides a rough draft template page for learners to fill out

  • None