Spanish 2 Facebook Profile Project

This Spanish 2 Facebook Profile Project activity & project also includes:

Your class is sure to Like this project! Invite individuals to create Facebook pages in Spanish. Included here are all of the requirements as well as additional materials to support the project process.

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Instructional Ideas

  • When the project is completed, invite learners to practice their social media and Spanish skills by setting up a gallery walk with sticky note comments
  • After the initial prep work is done, challenge learners to include a few sentences beyond the requirements
Classroom Considerations

  • Note that the resource includes information particular to the teacher who created it and the time it was created (due dates, point values, etc.)
  • Some of the material that students are required to include on their Facebook pages is not necessarily what they might actually post on social media; however, it does go along with Spanish II curriculum

  • Comes with a rubric
  • Includes a worksheet to help learners practice coming up with Facebook profiles in Spanish
  • The assignment page includes tables along the way that guid pupils through writing out a draft of much of the information they'll include in the final product

  • None