Spanish FREE 24/7 Language Learning

¡Qué interesante! With over 100 words and phrases in five main categories, beginning Spanish speakers can study, then quiz themselves in several different ways with a free app. Native speakers pronounce the words, allowing learners to hear and see the words together.

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App Overview

Spanish FREE 24/7 Language Learning is a great preview of what you will find in the paid apps in the series. Get started by selecting from one of the categories, then read through the Study List.

Vocabulary Categories:

  • Town & Country
  • Home & Family
  • Opposites
  • Basic Phrases
  • Questions

Once the user is familiar with the content in the Study List, he can review in the following ways:


Multiple Choice:

  • See the Spanish word at the top of the page, select the appropriate English word from the choices
  • Press the speaker on the bottom right to hear a native speaker pronounce the Spanish word
  • After you answer, the correct English word will be highlighted in green; if your answer is correct, a green smiley face will appear, if your answer is incorrect, the word you selected will be red, as will the frown face, but the correct answer will still be highlighted in green
  • Change the priority for a word or phrase you are struggling with
  • At the end, save your results to see what percentage you have mastered



  • Hangman-style fill in the blank
  • Pick a letter from the alphabet provided, watch the letters fill in
  • Five incorrect letters will end your chance at that word; the correct spelling will appear, along with a red frown
  • When a correct letter is chosen, the screen and smiley will turn green
  • Adjust the priority on words as you become more familiar with them
  • Save your score when you finish to track your progress


Write In:

  • Type the Spanish word correctly
  • If a letter is incorrect, an X will appear below it; if the letter is correct, an O will appear (disable the X/O feature by pressing the small gray box at the left center of the screen)
  • When typing Opposites, you must include the spaces and slash to get the words correct
  • Option to save score at end 


Flash Card:

  • English word/phrase appears, you say the Spanish word
  • Pressing the speaker button on the bottom left will give you the Spanish pronunciation, even if you have not pressed the Answer button
  • Auto Sound will pronounce the word in Spanish as soon as you press Answer
  • Auto will flip through the vocabulary without pressing any buttons; there are approximately 2 seconds for you to answer before the correct word/phrase appears
  • Auto Sound and Auto features can be toggled on or off
  • Does not keep track of correct/incorrect answers (no option to save your score)
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Instructional Ideas
  • The pronunciations are in Castilian, which could be a great springboard to discuss regional dialects and other language differences 
  • If kids finish their work early, they can quiz themselves or work with a partner to quiz each other
  • Vocabulary review throughout the year
Classroom Considerations
  • Portrait format only, does not switch to landscape mode
  • Content List button shows other vocabulary packs available for purchase; to return to home screen, press the green READY box
  • 24/7 Tutor and flag buttons take you to a page with apps available for different languages
  • Limited vocabulary in free version
  • No grammar component
  • Words only, no graphics to help visual learners
  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • No landscape format
  • Limited vocabulary
  • No grammar component