Spanish Speaking Country Project

This Spanish Speaking Country Project activity & project also includes:

Ask your pupils to imagine they are about to go on a trip to a Spanish-speaking country. To prepare for this trip, they research their country, create a travel brochure, and compose a letter to their host family (in Spanish).

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Instructional Ideas

  • Create a sample brochure or find some travel brochures to use as models for the project
  • Use this during a unit on travel or when covering how to describe yourself (or both!)
Classroom Considerations

  • While the extra credit is mentioned on the main assignment page, you could cross that portion out and not pass out the final page in the resource if extra credit is not an option in your class or at your school

  • Lists clear requirements for each part of the project
  • Comes with an extra credit assignment that is fully explained
  • Provides a checklist for the project and a rubric that covers both the brochure and the letter

  • None