Standing on MY Platform

After viewing a video on party conventions, group members familiarize themselves with the Democratic Party and Republican Party platforms. Then, young people collaboratively develop a party platform for the voice of youth with ideas that are applicable to peers their age, and that relate to the current election.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Reserve time in the computer lab to access the Internet
  • Continue adding words to the ongoing political word wall
  • Tailor the resource to meet classroom time constraints
Classroom Considerations

  • The third in a series of four lessons from the Chase the Race in School program
  • Although the lesson is designed to meet Common Core English language arts standards, it is also adaptable to the Common Core social studies standards
  • The lesson is intended for the 2016 Presidential race, but it is adaptable to any year's race

  • The four-page packet includes the plan, a list of essential questions, links to additional resources, and self-reflection questions
  • The video mentioned in the first procedure is provided
  • Promotes collaboration and improves negotiation skills among learners

  • Does not include reproducibles or any type of note-taking sheets; consider creating your own