Stick Pick

Shake it up! Are you looking for ways to randomly call on students in your class and ask higher level questions too? This simple tool is exactly what you need. Even better it keeps track of their responses!

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App Overview

  • Shake or tap the tablet to randomly select learners
  • Each pupil is assigned a set of questions based on Bloom's, Bloom's revised, and ESL questions
  • Record their answers using a rubric and create reports
  • Email reports to parents, teachers, administrators
  • Change question levels easily as users progress
  • Create multiple classes or groups
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Instructional Ideas

  • Use for tracking formative assessment and ongoing progress towards standards
  • Perfect for guest speakers and on the go
  • Use on field trips too


Classroom Considerations

  • Share questions and rubric with class so they are aware of expectations
  • Post sentence frames (responses) around the classroom in the beginning of the year so they can "see" what they are working towards