Student Reports

Class members take on the role of a journalist to report on a topic based on an event at school, in the community, or an image found in a magazine or newspaper. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Give learners the option to write a news article about the current president or elections 
  • Post discussion questions on a classroom blog; direct pupils to respond to the question and reply to at least one peer 
  • Make the classroom newspaper a regular assignment; make copies and send it home to parents and guardians to keep them informed 
Classroom Considerations
  • When bringing in newspapers and magazines, preview each article to confirm the level of appropriateness suitable for the class
  • The resource is the second of five lesson plans in a series about active citizenship 
  • Brings awareness of social issues in the community
  • Explores the hard work behind journalism 
  • None