Subjunctive in Evaluative Sentences IV

This Subjunctive in Evaluative Sentences IV worksheet also includes:

Practice conjugating in the subjunctive with these 20 sentences. Each sentence is paired with one verb in parentheses. Class members type the conjugated verb in the blank space. After they complete each sentence, pupils can easily check their answers by clicking on the blue stars. Linked below the exercise are additional resources for practicing Spanish tenses and moods.

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  • The online format makes it easy to check answers; learners can click on anything that is blue
  • A straightforward exercise, which could act easily as an in-class review or a homework assignment

  • Class members can check answers before they type in their own work, so they will have to work on the honor system
  • If you wish to assess their work, have learners print out the page, or find another way to share