This Summarize printable & template also includes:

Drop everything and check out this amazing resource! It includes everything a teacher would need to teach a child how to summarize text and compose written summaries. It begins with goals and vocabulary and then provides page after page of research-based and evidence-based strategies that are proven to effectivly teach comprehension through summarization, sequencing, plot events, key details, and main ideas. Also included are graphic organizers, story maps, and worksheets that can be printed and used in conjunction with each outlined teaching strategy. Fantastic!

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  • The strategies used would be effective with learners of any age
  • The packet is perfect for helping a new or pre-service educator compose a unit or set of consecutive lessons that build on each other
  • The handouts included are perfect for supporting students with learning disabilities 
  • A mentor teacher could easily provide this packet to a student teacher as a set of handy go-to teaching ideas

  • The resource is 37 pages long, printing the entire document will use a lot of paper. Print only what you need to cut down on paper cost and waste