Symbols of Remembrance and Reflection

Symbols have meaning, but their meaning can be different from person to person. After a grand conversation and viewing of an assortment of symbols, scholars create a commemorative banner to memorialize the heroes and victims of September 11th. They then share their finished products orally and in writing, detailing the meaning of their banner and why they chose the symbols they did. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Give class members the link to review information about the Septembers 11th terrorist attacks prior to discussing the topic in class 
  • Post the lesson's key questions on a classroom blog 
  • Hold a gallery walk so pupils can view finished products more closely
Classroom Considerations
  • Inform parents and guardians of the topic to prepare them for additional questions when they return home 
  • A variety of materials are required depending on when whether the lesson is conducted as an individual or group activity 
  • The lesson is written clearly and in detail 
  • Provides extension activities 
  • Encourages teamwrk and creativity 
  • Beware of broken links