System Engineering a Robot

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Ever think, "If only I had a robot to do this for me!" Here, groups determine a task that can be performed by a robot or computer program and then tap into their imaginations to design a solution. To complete the project, teams deliver a list of requirements, a description of the design, and inputs and outputs to the system.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have the class research the parking assist programs that are now available in cars and compare them to the example provided
  • Resource can be used within a unit on design in which it is difficult to build designs
Classroom Considerations
  • The design stage and presentation prep may take longer than anticipated and may require time outside of class to complete
  • Save time in the presentation portion by organizing a gallery walk to present the designs
  • Resource gives an example of what the final project should look like
  • The reading provides a reason why autonomous operations would be beneficial
  • None