Take a Stand

Looking for a fresh way to assess learners' background knowledge on a deliberation question before investigating various sides of an issue? Check out the videos and articles on C-SPAN. Select a topic appropriate for your class, post the deliberation question, and ask class members to stand with those who "YES/AGREE' or "NO/DISAGREE." Individuals share their rationale for their stance and then watch the selected video and read related articles. They then reassess their stance based on what they have learned about the topic.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have groups research the C-SPAN site and select a deliberation question that fits the parameters of the project
Classroom Considerations
  • Significant set-up time is required to select, access, and link to appropriate C-SPAN videos and articles, and to create the signs used in the activity
  • The activity encourages participants to provide supporting arguments
  • No link is provided to C-SPAN videos or articles
  • Requires considerable teacher-prep time