Listening to stories is not only enjoyable, it also helps children develop vocabulary and background knowledge, understand how to use intonation and emphasis, and strengthen their reading fluency. Play your students a selection of thousands of available audio books in different genres to improve their moods and their minds.

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App Overview

Tales2Go is a collection of thousands of audio recordings. The books, stories, and songs are from leading publishers and award-winning storytellers. You can start out with the free 30-day trial and then decide if you want to pay the monthly or yearly fee. A subscription to the complete Tales2Go collection costs $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year. When signing up for an account, you can choose Individual, which can be accessed from five different devices, or School, designed for institutions that have purchased the app in bulk.

Stories Are Categorized By:

  • Highest rated
  • Most popular
  • Age
  • Grade level (up to grade 6-8)
  • Story Type
  • Books - Fiction
  • Books- Nonfiction
  • Storytellers
  • Kids music
  • Characters and series
  • Spanish
  • For moms and dads
  • Seasonal
  • New and different

Within each category, there are even more filters that narrow down your search. For example, within the fiction section, you can choose from action/adventure, classics, fairytales and myths, historical fiction, mysteries, and more.

While Listening, Users Can:

  • Rate the narrative on a scale from one to five
  • Mark it as a favorite by tapping the star
  • Bookmark a story to go back to later
  • Pause a story
  • Go directly to the next story on the list
  • Adjust the volume with the bar along the bottom of the screen
  • Fast forward or rewind with the bar along the top and 30 second rewind button
  • E-mail the story to someone else
  • Return to the story list

From Any Page, You Can Access:

  • The stories page
  • Bookmarks that you have created
  • Favorites you have starred
  • A search function
  • An additional menu with more options (subscribe, log-in, log-out, preferences, history, e-mail developers, refresh stories)


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Instructional Ideas

Reading something specific in class that you'd like your class to hear as well? Chances are, it's in Tales2Go. Search for your title and then play while the class reads along. The recordings employ appropriate music and skilled narrators to enrich the listening experience.

Storytime can bring your class together. Play the stories while pupils simply listen. They can reflect on the story after it is completed. Consider storytime with the whole class, at stations, or as an individual activity.

Combine listening and visual representation by asking class members to express their comprehension of the story through drawing. As they listen, kids can draw a picture to represent the action or create a short comic strip.

Tales2Go is great for traditional and non-traditional classrooms. Try it out with your homeschoolers or your students with special needs. You might even recommend it to parents so that your pupils can listen at home as well as in school.

In addition to the app, Tales2Go has a site that users can visit. From the site, you can listen to the same stories from the app. 

Classroom Considerations

Tales2Go is subscription-based. After the 30-day trial, you need to subscribe in order to view/listen to all of the stories. If you do not subscribe, you will only be able to listen to 12 free stories. The subscription fee is somewhat steep, so it's up to you to decide if the service is valuable enough for the price.


  • Large selection of audio titles
  • Easy to search and filter for specific titles or genres

  • After a free trial, users must subscribe to gain access to the recordings library
  • Could include text versions of stories