Talk and Text Plans

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The interests of today's mobile-savvy teen and the goals of the algebra class intersect in this topical lesson concerned with graphing equations and finding solutions with algebraic and graphic methods. The formative tasks and final activity all emphasize the interpretation of graph and equation characteristics (intercepts, slope, intersections and more). This really works throughout the lesson to deepen the class understanding of algebraic representations of real-world situations.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Provides excellent word problem practice for end-of-course testing preparation
  • Embedding as part of a larger unit on money, saving, and budgeting allows larger context for solutions
Classroom Considerations

  • Graphing calculators perform many requested analysis tasks automatically, so learners might need encouragement to flesh out and interpret numerical answers

  • Extensive formative activities and fully developed key activity really make the class dive into the hows and whys of linear equations
  • Extensively notated and leveled responses provided give clear indication of how the rubric is applied
  • Formative assessments build naturally in complexity and depth of interpretation required

  • No answer keys provided for formative activities