Tangent Lines

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Making the leap from graphing functions to talking about the slope of curves is eased into with the help of worksheets and presentations like this one. With an emphasis on connections to limits and velocities, without ever saying the term derivative, the difference quotient is thoroughly covered. Excellent application problems and a completely worked out teaching presentation round out this resource for introducing or remediating learners about instantaneous rates of change.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Consider preparing for remediation when introducing the delta definition of the derivative
  • Use in conjunction with a physics lesson on velocity and distance relationships
  • Problem number 7 would make a great open-response practice problem
Classroom Considerations

  • Main presentation resource would work well as an interactive whiteboard presentation, with steps revealed as problems are solved
  • Student worksheet to match main resource is found under additional resources

  • Problems build in complexity without depending on previous correct answers
  • Every problem on attached class worksheet worked out step-by-step in presentation
  • Emphasis on a variety of uses and applications of tangent lines

  • No  teaching notes or suggestions for introducing concepts