Teaching Animal Farm

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All animals are comrades in a thorough unit plan for George Orwell's Animal Farm. With reading comprehension questions, research project ideas, resources for building prior knowledge about the Russian Revolution, and many ways to extend your reading unit, the lessons are a good way to teach the literary elements and social implications of a prominent 20th century novel.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Classroom Considerations
  • Much of the lesson plan is very specific, including rubrics, point allocation, and syllabus and calendar
  • Consider starting the unit on page 22
  • Features lyrics for "The Animal in Man" by Dead Prez, which includes cursing and may not be appropriate for classroom use
  • Addresses many different language arts skills, including vocabulary, reading comprehension, and literary analysis
  • Provides accommodations for English learners in each lesson
  • Connects the novel to various other works of literature featuring dystopian futures
  • Comes with the complete text for auxiliary materials, including "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut and "Allegory" by Thomas Hood
  • The introduction is very long, and the formatting of the lesson plan is weak; however, there are enough valuable parts of the lesson to warrant a look