Tenth Grade Writing Prompt: The Movement to Abolish the “N” Word

After reading a series of comments on whether or not the use of "N" word should be abolished, individuals craft an article for their school newspaper presenting their position on whether or not the word is acceptable in today's society.

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CCSS: Adaptable

Instructional Ideas

  • Begin by asking class member to reflect in their journals about the negative labels applied to them, their families, their race, and their culture and how these situations make them feel
Classroom Considerations

  • Carefully consider the composition of your class and the attitudes of your community before opting to present this assignment
  • The lesson requires a respectful classroom where sensitive topics can be safely discussed

  • The comments represent various responses to the word
  • Carefully handled, the exercise can cause individuals to reflect on the power of language

  • No instructions are included for a approaching the assignment in a sensitive way
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