The 3-D Map Project

This The 3-D Map Project activity & project also includes:

After choosing a continent or state, young geographers will draw outline maps and create a three-dimensional map of their chosen areas using flour and salt dough. This resource includes project guidelines, construction instructions, and a report checklist.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Introduce learners to various references they can use, such as an atlas or online learning site, as they complete their projects
  • Host an in-class exhibition of projects, and have pupils report back on what they learned about the different states and continents after viewing their classmates' work
Classroom Considerations

  • This will require purchase of materials for learners to complete their maps, unless you plan to require work on the project as a part of an at-home assignment. In this case, you'll want to inform parents of the project and offer alternatives to a three-dimensional construction

  • Informative, hands-on learning experience
  • Resource includes useful checklists and guidelines for project
  • Recipe for flour clay provided

  • Cannot edit document; however, scoring and project guidelines can be adapted to your own documents