The ABCs of the Three Little Pigs

This The ABCs of the Three Little Pigs lesson plan also includes:

Promote sentence variety through an engaging writing activity. First, read through a plain version of Cinderella and discuss what makes it so boring, focusing on sentence structure and beginnings. Then, read a more exciting version and examine the reasons this story is more successful.  The final product will be a series of 26-sentence stories that creatively tap into different structures in order to include every letter from A-Z. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Allow class members to choose a fairy tale to rewrite; the beginning of each sentence should start with a different letter, following alphabetical order
  • Connect with your unit on fairy tales or short story elements

  • Includes the two model stories
  • Encourages your class to write attentively and observe sentence structure

  • None