The Call of the Wild: What Makes a Book Great?

This The Call of the Wild: What Makes a Book Great? lesson plan also includes:

Close up your unit on The Call of the Wild by Jack London with an examination of what makes a book memorable and effective. During discussion, students apply general qualities of a great book to The Call of the Wild and touch on the voice of the narrator and concerns and motivations of the characters in the novel. Learners then compose a persuasive letter, explaining why the recipient should read the book. Time is also allotted for class members to work on the essays they started for homework the night before.

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CCSS: Adaptable

  • The plan invites individuals to think about the lasting themes of the book, and consider why people still read a book that was first written so many years ago

  • There aren't many materials provided to assist students as they compose their essays; the plan suggests that the teacher be available for assistance and provides few other ideas for help, but does not describe or include much scaffolding