The Case of the Strange Playground Equipment

Imagine if one of your pupils wrote a letter to request that a roller coaster be built on campus. The letter here shows you what one response might be! Learners read the letter and first circle all nouns and then all proper nouns.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have kids use two different colors while they are underlining and circling so that they can more easily tell the difference between the normal nouns and proper nouns
  • Assign this as a starter or a homework assignment
  • Combine parts of speech and letter writing instruction with this resource by asking learners to write their own letters and circling all the nouns they use
Classroom Considerations

  • The directions are a bit unclear, but it seems as though you will need to clarify to learners that they shouldn't underline any proper nouns the first time around, even though they are also nouns

  • Kids will enjoy the fun story, and maybe even start having dreams about having a roller coaster built on their own campus
  • An answer key is included

  • None
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