The Coddling of EG-Baby

This The Coddling of EG-Baby activity & project also includes:

Preteens practice parenting an egg for an entire week as an exercise in responsibility. In this particular version of a classic activity, your nurturers keep a baby log, look for a job and calculate costs for supporting a little one, and write a reflection essay about the social, economic, emotional effects of caring for another human. If you do not have the time for this in-depth activity, consider introducing it as if students were going to parent for a week and let the discussion begin!

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  • An apropos activity for preteens during a human development unit
  • Document is can be customized to better suit your needs
  • Includes several useful pieces including a baby-sitting voucher and a grading rubric

  • There are a few formatting and grammatical errors, and you may not like the title, but they are easily edited