The Constitution of the United States

Engage elementary school children in learning about the US Constitution with this collection of worksheets and printable activities. From reading and writing the Preamble to playing a Constitution Trivia game, this resource offers numerous opportunities for children to better understand this important historical document.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have students read the Preamble and complete the In Your Own Words worksheet in pairs or small groups, before discussing their responses as a whole class
  • Ask students to read and edit the Our Constitution document independently, before having them share their corrections during a whole-class read aloud
  • Offer the word puzzles as options for early finishers during a unit on the US Constitution
  • Use the Constitution Trivia as a social studies learning center

  • Includes two traceable versions of the Preamble, one printed and one in cursive
  • A worksheet is provided that supports children with understanding the meaning of the Preamble
  • Offers a creative writing prompt that engages students in using their knowledge of the Constitutional Convention

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