The Cycle Shop

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This unit stands right on the ground where algebra meets logic riddles, teasing out systems of linear relationships between variables in physical situations. But, more than that, the resources and graded student work with rubrics are invaluable preparation materials for pupils as they work on honing their open-response skills. Some of these aspects are even incorporated into the formative assignments in unique ways; in one activity, the learner takes on the role of a teacher correcting and grading student work. Engaging material with rigorous algebraic bones, definitely worth using as a whole systems-of-equations unit, or parsing into existing curriculum.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Possible homework extension is to have learners write their own riddle problems for each other (legs and heads of animals in a zoo, for example)
  • Could be bridged to graphing systems of linear inequalities by changing the wording from equals to at least or at most in the problems
Classroom Considerations

  • Materials in the packet are not ordered chronologically. The main cumulative activity is followed by graded examples, followed by rubrics, teaching tools, and formative assessments

  • Relevant background and formative activities support without being carbon copies of the main activity
  • Thorough rubrics and examples would make great teaching tools for open-response questions in standardized testing
  • Student directions are clear, but also not overly wordy with excess information
  • Very creative use of mock student work to help in learning, having pupils find errors and assign grades to presented material

  • Teaching support worksheets do not all have answer keys
  • Disability resources links on page 54 (repeated on page 66), the bottom of page 55, and the bottom of page 56 are broken links (, and
  • Math dictionary link at the end of page 58 is a broken link (
  • Pronunciation dictionary links on page 59 are broken links ( and
  • Graphtablet and first writing linear equations link on page 63 are broken links ( and