The Dino Files: Allosaurus

The Tyrannosaurus rex may have met its match with the carnivorous Allosaurus, otherwise known as the other lizard. The Allosaurus, however, walked Earth's lands much later than the T.rex. Read about this flesh-eating dinosaur and its behaviors in an article adapted by Newsela.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • After reading The Dino Files: Tyrannosaurus rex, have class members compare and contrast the two dinosaurs in a Venn diagram
  • Have learners research other dinosaurs around during the Jurassic period
Classroom Considerations

  • Sign up for a free Newsela account to access the online features of the resource
  • Use the different leveled Lexile┬« passages to meet the diverse readers in your class

  • Includes images of the Allosaurus
  • Encourages learners to interpret information in charts to assist in comprehension
  • Comes in four additional passages at different Lexile┬« levels

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