The Dino Files: Brachiosaurus

The arm lizard, also known as the Brachiosaurus, is one of the largest known land animals to have ever roamed the earth. Read about their attributes and behaviors in a news article adapted by Newsela.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Instruct readers to highlight answers within the text
  • Include in a study of extinct animals with a focus on dinosaurs
  • Use the other reading passages from the series from Newsela to conduct a more thorough study of dinosaurs
Classroom Considerations

  • The main passage is intended for 6th grade reading levels
  • Sign up for a free Newsela account to access the html version as well as the other online features to assign the passage to students

  • Comes in four additional Lexile┬« versions of the reading passage
  • Includes pictures of Brachiosaurus depicting their relative size
  • Includes power words 

  • Does not include an answer key