The Fed Explains: Unemployment Rate

Studying the unemployment rate in a country is a way to learn more about the strength of its economy, but knowing what comprises the unemployment rate can teach you even more. Watch a short video from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta to learn more about why a cursory glance at the unemployment rate may be deceiving.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Connect to a lesson on unemployment or when studying the recession of 2008
  • Encourage learners to conduct additional research on historical unemployment rates in their area
Classroom Considerations

  • Does not contain a transcript, unlike previous videos in the series
  • Though the video was published by the Atlanta branch of the Federal Reserve, the information it presents is not specific to that region

  • Clearly differentiates between unemployment and not being in the labor force
  • Uses a simplified example to demonstrate unemployment rate

  • None