The Great Summer Library Challenge

This The Great Summer Library Challenge activity & project also includes:

Acquaint kids with all corners of the library with a scavenger hunt! They can search individually or in pairs for the answers to the 10 clues on this list. When finished, they check out several books for summer reading.

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Instructional Ideas

  • While this is intended for the summer, you could also use it at the beginning of the year when your class first visits the library
  • Any librarian could keep this handy to help learners becomes familiar with and comfortable in the library
Classroom Considerations

  • You may wish to create worksheet or organizer on which scavenger hunters can write down the answers to the questions to provide as proof of their success with the hunt
  • See the materials for additional information about the library challenge

  • The tasks require kids to travel to several different areas of the library
  • A scavenger hunt makes exploring the library fun 

  • None