The Great Water Hook-Up

This The Great Water Hook-Up lesson plan also includes:

Turn your classroom into a town, complete with a public water supply system. Using cardboard tubes and boxes, the entire class must work together to design a viable water system following job specifications, taking into account budgetary constraints and ensuring that the needs of all consumers are being met. A map must be made, as well, because the system must be disassembled at the end of class and reassembled the following day, if necessary. Once complete, your workers must evaluate their design and plan for the addition of new buildings.

32 Views 17 Downloads NGSS: Adaptable
  • Creative, active, and engaging
  • Tackles real-world science, technology, and engineering issues
  • Demonstrates the high level of collaboration necessary for success in the working world
  • Would be stronger with more thorough evaluation questions at the end (for example: compare the systems from different classes and determine which is the best design and why)