The Heroic Actions of the Passengers of Flight 93

This The Heroic Actions of the Passengers of Flight 93 lesson plan also includes:

Superman, Spiderman, New York City Firefighters, passengers on Flight 93. As part of a study of the events of 9/11, class members consider the heroic actions of the passengers on Flight 93, and then craft an essay comparing their behavior to those of a superhero.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Rather than comparing the actions of the passengers of Flight 93 to those of a superhero, have the class first brainstorm a list of heroic qualities and then craft an essay in which they compare the actions of the 9/11 heroes to this list
Classroom Considerations

  • The images and commentary on the timeline are powerful and upsetting; therefore, review the site before sharing with class members
  • Be sure a protocol is in place for the safe and respectful discussion of the events of 9/11
  • Prior to presenting the exercise, determine the support systems available at your school and in your community

  • The three-page packet includes links to the interactive 9/11 timeline, guided listening and comprehension questions, and a list of related reading materials

  • No rubric is included for the essay