The Impact of Change on the City Skyline

On September 11th, New York's skyline changed forever when a terrorist attack brought down the Twin Towers. But how? Scholars study two images of the New York skyline; pre- and post-9/11, compare and contrast using adjectives, and take part in a grand conversation about the physical and non-physical changes that occurred in the city. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Post discussion questions on a classroom blog 
  • Search real-life images of New York's skyline before and after 9/11 for a more concrete example of its changes 
  • Visit the school library to check out books about September 11th and skyscrapers 
Classroom Considerations

  • Some prep work is required 
  • Make parents and guardians aware of the topic scheduled for discussion so they are prepared to answer additional questions at home 

  • One extension activity is listed 
  • The lesson plan has a clear organizational pattern that is written in detail 

  • None