The Inn of Lost Time

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Show this presentation before beginning a study of "The Inn of Lost Time" by Lensey Namoika. The presentation includes: background information, vocabulary, an explanation of setting and mood, a section on sequence,and  a meet the writer section, as well as two quick writing prompts and some exercises. The first slide is a menu for two different sections of the presentation. The buttons along the left side take you to sections that are not included in the main presentation, and a few that are. The hyperlinks take you to certain points in the main presentation. You can also use your arrow keys or the back and next buttons to navigate. 

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  • Filled with useful information and various activities all relating to the short story
  • Covers many topics without giving too much away about the story
  • Audio and video recordings no longer function
  • Clicking Main takes you out of the presentation; click Feature Menu instead to go back to the menu