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The Most Dangerous Game

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Psycho, The Blair Witch Project, "The Most Dangerous Game." Even the titles of these tales create goosebumps and it's the setting, both physical and psychological, that instills this sense of dread. After reading Richard Connell's horrifying short story, readers focus on how the author uses the setting to instill fear and then apply this understanding to The Blair Witch Project.

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • To conclude the study, individuals are asked to develop a pitch to a Hollywood producer describing how they would film "The Most Dangerous Game"
  • Links are provided to the other lessons in the unit
  • "The Most Dangerous Game" is found in most freshman literature anthologies; therefore, poll class members to determine how many are familiar with Richard Connell's story
  • Check for prior knowledge of the short story because the genre study is a standard part of the freshman and sophomore language arts curriculum
  • As opposed to a teacher-led discussion, have class groups research the various elements Connell uses to inspire fear and have these groups report their findings to the whole class