The Oregon Trail: American Settler

A sequel to the hugely popular and enduring Oregon Trail, this game explores the daily life of those settling in the Wild West. Players have to build a shelter, grow their community, increase the population, ensure sufficient food supplies, and more. An entertaining method for kids to learn the realities of frontier life.

3rd - 5th Social Studies & History 9 Views 4 Downloads
App Overview

Front Page:

  • Access to the game
  • Customer help
  • Discussion forum
  • Options (sound, notifications, etc.)
  • Information about the game
  • Privacy policy
  • Link to Facebook
  • Link called "Free Cash" that gives the player gaming money for watching a video about another app
  • Banner ad along the bottom 

After selecting the game, players choose between a male or female frontier person as their character. 


  • Clearly written prompts guide the player through the actual game
  • Flashing or spinning objects invite a tap for action


  • Expand your frontier town
  • Maintain ample supply levels of food, lumber, money, etc.
  • Survive threats


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Instructional Ideas

Educationally, players practice following directions, learn about energy input and output, supply and demand, and the amount of effort settlers expended to survive. The opportunity to play this game at school could be used as an incentive for class members to achieve a particular goal. When they reach the objective, they could receive time on the computer or tablet to play this game. It could also be used at a learning center.

Classroom Considerations

There are some very expensive potential in-app purchases. Some aspects of navigation are obscure, like getting from the game to the main page. Some vocabulary is above the level of the intended audience.


  • Engaging
  • Educational

  • Obscure navigation between game and main menu