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If you are a physical education teacher, take some time and get to know the self-proclaimed PE geek. From blog and podcast to app, Jarrod Robinson provides users with information on the latest technological trends in the world of physical education. 

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App Overview


  • Blog: Takes you to home page of The PE Geek website, which features all blog posts and begins with the most recent. 
  • Conference: Includes the website author's conference schedule and resources from his sessions, such as notes and presentation slides.
  • Videos: This section offers several videos recommending ideal apps for PE teachers and illustrating how those apps are used.
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Instructional Ideas

  • Gather an array of instructional ideas by listening to The PE Geek podcast, which includes suggestions for making use of one tablet in a PE classroom, using student portfolios as assessments, sample warm-up activities, etc.
Classroom Considerations

This resource is primarily meant for instructor use only, and will be most beneficial for those with a strong interest in utilizing apps in the classroom.

All information on the app is derived from and accessible through the developer's website.


  • Blog posts are consistently updated and resources are kept up-to-date
  • Ample information regarding how to integrate the latest technologies into a physical education classroom 
  • Developer's videos are free on app, whereas on websites are only accessible through a paid membership

  • Features are slow to load
  • Maneuvering through app can be difficult
  • Back arrow will always take you back to home page, and not necessarily the last page you were viewing
  • Will require extensive time to research and evaluate materials
  • Twitter option on home page is empty