The Picture Frame Problem

This The Picture Frame Problem unit also includes:

Learners develop methods to attack the challenges of writing and interpreting linear equations in context. Simple problem statements lead to deeper understanding of characteristics like slope and intercept, and patterns develop naturally into equations. Each activity works great for skill reinforcement or practice, but taken together they lead the class through a logical development of where and how linear equations come from situations. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Link with a computer-design class to develop linear equations for different sizes of things beyond picture frames (architectural characteristics, for example)
  • Finding linear functions for local transportation methods or routes makes for a logical extension
Classroom Considerations

  • Rubric is slightly different than standard end-of-course 1-3 point total scoring, might need more explanation than expected

  • Easily read and understood activities with leading questions support higher-level student thinking
  • Clear and detailed rubric for learner self-evaluation
  • Scaffolded formative activities build logically to larger-scope summative activity, while still being effective stand-alone lessons

  • No leveled examples of student work provided along with rubric
  • No full answer key given for any of the activities