The Power of Diction

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Can the tone of a written work affect its meaning? High schoolers find out with a reading activity that incorporates three different versions of the same topic. They first read a document that relates factual data regarding a family trip to Costa Rica. Thet then read the same information in a piece where the author conveys a negative tone, and finally, they read one where the author establishes a positive tone. After analyzing the author's use of diction, learners view neutral data regarding a fictional family celebration on the Fourth of July that they can convey in positive or negative ways. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Encourage learners to describe the events of their days using both positive and negative tones
  • Use in a focus on digital citizenship to reinforce the importance of choosing words wisely

  • Excellent active practice with diction and connotation
  • Emphasizes the importance of word choice when establishing tone

  • None