The Presidential Veto Power

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Get into the nuts and bolts of a key element of the checks and balances system in the United States: the presidential veto. Not only will your class members learn about the mechanisms of the veto, but they will also review the major presidential vetoes in the history of the nation and conduct individual research on a president of their choice.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • After learners have conducted their research and presented findings to the class, give an assignment asking them to comment on the overall power of the veto using their notes as evidence, or to consider which vetoes may have been the most important in outcome and lasting effect
  • Uses direct language from the Constitution to begin a review of the concept
  • Reviews the distinction between veto override, pocket veto, and line item veto
  • Includes very useful handout summarizing the number of presidential vetoes per president, as well as vetoes overridden and success rate
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