Lesson Plan

The Right to Housing

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This The Right to Housing lesson plan also includes:

Explore housing rights. After a brainstorming activity and a brief explanation of the right to housing, learners complete either one of or both of the included crossword puzzles. Class members read a fact sheet about the right to housing and discuss those facts as well as the results of the puzzles.

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Instructional Ideas
  • The fact sheet is a bit dense, so consider using it in a jigsaw-style activity and requiring pupils to mark the text
Classroom Considerations
  • See the materials tab for the actual link to the housing rights fact sheet; the link in the resource is broken
  • The provided extension activity is the most complex task in the lesson and would be well worth trying out
  • Some of the links in the crossword footnotes no longer work
  • Comes with puzzles and both lists of clues, which do require pupils to think about housing situations and the housing rights guidelines
  • None