The Right Write

This The Right Write activity & project also includes:

Cover handwriting in depth with these seven lesson plans. The plans go over why handwriting is important, why writing neatly should be a priority, personal handwriting styles, different ways to write, words spacing, and handwriting speed. All of the lessons are paired with worksheets and activities to apply and practice the skills.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Pick and choose the plans that apply to your pupils, or use them all in the order they presented
  • Expand some of the activities by requiring learners to draw or write their work on separate sheets of paper; for example, rather than complete the poster, have kids design the entire poster
Classroom Considerations

  • You may want to add a collaborative twist to some of the plans, since many are based on whole-class interaction and comparison and independent work

  • Comes with plenty of supporting materials to help your kids master penmanship
  • The style of the worksheets is cute and kid-friendly

  • None
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