The Rights of Women in the United States (Secondary)

This The Rights of Women in the United States (Secondary) unit plan also includes:

What do your pupils know about abusive relationships and equal rights? Expand their knowledge with a series of activities that provide discussion opportunities and information about rights and abuse. First addressing issues relating to violence against women, this set of lessons also requires pupils to examine in detail various amendments and acts that affect women. A range of different methods are used to help individuals learn the material, including debate, writing, and research.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Incorporate more research into your instruction by requiring groups and individuals to look up the information, rather than providing handouts or links to websites for them
Classroom Considerations
  • The first lesson, which focuses on abuse, could stand alone if necessary
  • The remaining lessons focus on various amendments and acts that relate to women's rights and could be taught individually or together as a unit
  • Since so many of the supplemental links are broken, you will want to check them all before proceeding
  • The plans include a variety of different activities to keep learners engaged in the material
  • Pupils are required to analyze, discuss, write, and more throughout the lessons
  • While being aware of violence against women and taking steps to prevent it is important, students should know that men can experience abuse in relationships as well; this is not mentioned in the plan
  • Many of the links listed are broken