The Things They Carried: Characters

This The Things They Carried: Characters lesson plan also includes:

"They all carried ghosts." Mitchell Sanders, Lieutenant Cross, Ted Lavender, Azar, Dave Jensen, Lee Strunk, Bob Kiley, Curt Lemon. Protagonists and antagonists? Major or minor characters? And what about Tim O'Brien? Author or character? Groups reflect on the eight stories read so far and consider which characters in The Things They Carried seem the most important and why.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign groups a character and have them create a poster for their soldier including an image, key quotes, and descriptions

  • All unit materials, including discussion questions, can be found in the attached zip file
  • The fourth in a series of ten lessons that use The Things They Carried as an anchor text

  • The concepts of bravery and bravado as presented by Curt Lemon in "The Dentist" may prove to be challenging for some readers; support their understanding with a discussion of the irony of his death
  • Augment the provided discussion questions by asking groups to track instances of bravery versus bravado as well as the effects of war
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