Three Skeleton Key: Elements of Literature

This Three Skeleton Key: Elements of Literature worksheet also includes:

Rats! How are they described in "Three Skeleton Key," and what happens to the characters in the story? Study the vocabulary and the story with these worksheets. Learners complete pre-reading activities, study vocabulary, complete questions about the story, and practice using vivid descriptive language.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have students work with partners or in small groups to complete the vocabulary and study questions
  • After they write up their lighthouse logs, have individuals share their work with a partner and then adapt their logs into short stories
Classroom Considerations
  • The page numbers listed may not correspond with your version of the story; these appear to come from a textbook
  • Includes a variety of activities to pair with your study of "Three Skeleton Key"
  • Learners will get good practice with using sensory language by describing the scene at the lighthouse
  • None