Interested in creating a quiz? Making a narrated story? Putting together an interactive presentation? With this app, you and your pupils can do all of those things, and more! Create your own little apps with just the tools provided here and your own imagination.

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App Overview

Create interactive games, lessons, quizzes, activities, stories, and more with this visually appealing app that allows you to create your own Tiny Apps. TinyTap begins with a brief tutorial that shows you the basics, after which you can watch a sample. The next step is to just get started creating your own Tiny App and experimenting with all of the tools offered by this versatile program.

Putting Together Your Own Tiny App:

  • Choose the plus button in the middle of the menu along the bottom of the screen
  • Start playing around—insert a background, choose your favorite stickers, add some text, record yourself asking a question, etc.
  • View your game, video, quiz, or whatever you created by tapping on the Play button and choosing your Tiny App from the shelf
  • Share your creation (you must create a profile for this)


  • Search for and download Tiny Apps created by other teachers and publishers; these are added to your shelf (not all are free)
  • Create a profile so that you can share games, follow your favorite creators, and gather followers
  • See what's happening in the TinyTap community by checking your feed, which you can customize by filling out your profile
  • Turn child safety options on and off with the three dots in the bottom-left corner; other options are also available here
  • Choose from many sticker packs when putting together a product, or use your own images or pictures from the Internet
  • Choose from a number of different writing tools and colors
  • Add questions in your own voice, videos, voiceover, puzzles, and sound boards to your creations
  • Tap the trophy icon to turn on challenge mode, which allows you to set a timer for the questions and start a leaderboard
  • Save your presentations to the TinyTap cloud; tap the switch next to the globe to toggle the option to make it private on and off
  • Once you have saved your presentation, you can send it in an e-mail or share it on social media
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Rating Details

  • Adherence to task
  • Worth the money
  • Fun factor
  • Scaffolding of learning

    The app is fairly intuitive and provides a few tutorials to help you out. It may take some time to play and learn how to use all of the awesome features.

  • User safety
  • Control and feedback

    The ability to create groups and track progress is only available through the accompanying website right now. These features are fully developed on the website, but not part of the tablet app as of now.

  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas

  • Make a group in the website version of TinyTap and use this to track progress as your pupils take a quiz that you created
  • Have individuals or small groups make their own Tiny Apps to demonstrate understanding of a concept or topic
  • Create Tiny Apps to teach vocabulary, present math concepts, tell stories, test understanding, and much, much more
Classroom Considerations

  • Log into the website version of the app to create class groups, make accounts for your students that don't require e-mail addresses, assign the games and presentations you make, and track progress; these features were not available on the tablet version at the time of this review
  • You can use the app without creating a profile, but a profile allows you to share your creations with other users, by e-mail, and on social media
  • Some of the sticker packs are in-app purchases; you can get around this cost by taking your own photos or searching the Internet for images
  • This app may time some to fully learn, but the results are worth the effort

  • Download creations made by other TinyTap users, even without setting up a profile
  • The creation tool provides stickers, backgrounds, audio recording, quiz options, and many more customization options so that you can make perfect personalized Tiny Apps
  • Use this app for any topic, any subject, and just about any purpose

  • None