To Kill a Mockingbird: Biography

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"Lawyers, I suppose were children once." To launch a unit study of To Kill A Mockingbird, class members listen to a 30-minute audio biography of Harper Lee, read a series of articles about the author, and then postulate why Lee might have chosen Charles Lamb's epigraph to begin her novel. The speakers draw parallels between Lee's life and events in the novel. A great source of background information.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Consider breaking the listening into two sessions; a natural break occurs at 16 minutes into the 30 minute audio

  • The audio provides learners with an opportunity to develop their listening skills
  • The attached zip drive contains all the materials necessary for the unit
  • The first of 10 lessons designed to accompany a reading of To Kill A Mockingbird



  • Listeners are directed to take notes while listening to the 30-minute audio and to identify the three most important points made; however, less-skilled listeners may need additional support to keep focused while the audio is playing