Tobacco Deaths, Sickness and Growth Researcher

How prevalent is smoking across the globe? What percentage of males use tobacco products in each country? Answer these and many other questions about tobacco production and use by comparing the statistics from practically every country in the world.

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App Overview

Using Tobacco Deaths, Sickness and Growth Researcher:

  • Tap on statistics you'd like to view
  • Tap on countries whose data you want to include for comparison
  • In the graph, tap on any column or bar to identify the country and the actual value for that statistic

Data has been obtained from agencies related to the United Nations. It is updated as the UN publishes it; however, it is still only good up to about five years ago.

Fourteen different statistics are available:

  • Use by adolescents (13-15 years)
  • Use by female adolescents (13-15 years)
  • Use by male adolescents (13-15 years)
  • Use by adults (>15 years)
  • Use by male adults (>15 years)
  • Use by female adults (>15 years)
  • Cancer deaths (per 100,000 population)
  • Cigarettes containing tobacco
  • Tobacco employees
  • Consumption of (Alcohol, Smokes, Narcotics)
  • Tobacco machinery exports
  • Tobacco manufacturing services
  • Tobacco, manufactured
  • Tobacco, unmanufactured
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Instructional Ideas

Have this application on-hand as a reference when your health class is researching tobacco use and production. They could design anti-smoking posters or brochures aimed at countries where use is more prevalent.

Classroom Considerations

Sometimes stats for only one single year appear, and different countries' stats come up for different years. For example, the Prevalence of Current Tobacco Use Among Adolescents graph displays 2004 data for Afghanistan and Albania, but for 2007 data for Argentina and Albania. This makes for an inconsistent comparison.

Data for the US and other first world countries such as Germany or France is not available for every chart.

Note that it may require some thinking to decide which chart type to choose in Settings for the different kinds of data being viewed. Not every style of chart is useful for every type of data.


  • Select or deselect as many countries to display as you wish
  • Colored columns or bars are very visual

  • Data is not current
  • Years for the data is not consistent among the different countries
  • United States data is not available for every chart