Tracing the Wild Roots of the Modern-Day, Domestic Apple

Get to the core of the history of apples with an adapted article made for all readers. Discover how the apple made it to Europe before making it's way to North America, and the changes to the apple family tree that have happened over the years.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Include in a study of the history of the Silk Road and its use as an ancient trade route
  • Hand out the article as an introduction to a science lesson on apple breeding and various types of apples
  • Encourage learners to highlight their answers within the text
  • Have pupils compare a Spanish version to the English version of similar Lexile® levels
Classroom Considerations

  • The main passage is an 830L reading level and intended for 5th graders
  • Use the varying Lexile® versions of the passage to accommodate the leveled readers in the class
  • Only comes with four questions; therefore, consider adding more
  • No answer key is provided, however one can easily be made

  • The article comes in four different Lexile® levels as well as five Spanish versions that are also leveled
  • Accommodates a variety of reading levels as well as Spanish-speaking readers
  • The HTML version of the article comes with additional assigning features that make it accessible for Internet users or an online assigmnent

  • None