Traditional Literature

This Traditional Literature lesson plan also includes:

Familiarize your class with folktales and hit Common Core standards along the way. Before reading the provided short story, readers practice drawing and supporting inferences and analyzing the point of view in two short exercises. They then read the story several times, focusing on different aspects of the text each time. The story has questions and directives in the margins for pupils to consider and follow. Additional exercises are included, some of which are meant to precede the following text (not included), but could be used on their own.

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CCSS: Designed

  • Targets a manageable set of Common Core skills
  • Pupils practice a skill with a short text before trying it out again with a longer text
  • Requires students to read a text more than once, reading closely for different purposes each time

  • Not all materials are included; however, the missing materials could be created using the discussion questions as guidelines