Trail of Tears Museum Exhibit

Making a complex topic accessible is part of a teacher's job, as well as the job of museum curators and historical archivists. Eighth graders demonstrate their knowledge of the Trail of Tears with a project-based instructional activity in which they design a museum exhibit that displays primary sources, learner-created objects, and materials from class research.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Pair with a field trip to a museum or historical exhibit
  • Use a virtual tour of a museum with a famous exhibit to demonstrate examples
  • Connect to a unit on career planning or to a social studies focus on Native American history
Classroom Considerations

  • Though the lesson is designed for North Carolina standards, it is applicable to social studies standards in any state

  • Encourages different types of presentations to demonstrate a topic
  • Includes a suggested rubric for assessment
  • Provides modifications and alternative assessments based on the members of your class

  • None