Trigonometric Music Video Parody

This Trigonometric Music Video Parody activity & project also includes:

Dust off those dance skills and warm up those vocal cords—math meets song in this student-centered and engaging project. Budding videographers are challenged to integrate trigonometric concepts and features into a Weird-Al-style parody video of a current popular song. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Offering this presentation as a project option among other (non-musical) choices might increase participant comfort/engagement
  • Perhaps a math staff development activity to produce a prototype video for demonstration
  • Could be done in tandem with other classes/schools to create a district resource
Classroom Considerations

  • Uploading to a dropbox or Google drive would be a possible adaptation if is not an option at your school 
  • Dexterity with and availability of video technology assumed

  • Engaging with clear directives and necessary inclusions

  • Text of project direction requires a fair amount of editing due to personal classroom details of author (due dates, materials available in class, etc.)
  • No teacher rubric for grading provided
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